Catalogue of Reusable Sections for Prefabricated Large-Panel Building Construction Facilities for DSK Primorye

This work has incorporated the experience gained since 2018 in the design of standard residential buildings, and is the most complete, since it includes all stages from the market research and formation of product requirements to the development of standard solutions in three areas at the same time: architecture, design, engineering solutions. Particular characteristics of the work: the use of two structural schemes in one series. Taking into account that the Client’s production is focused on the release of hollow floor slabs, these solutions are used for sections of up to 17 storeys, while solid floor slabs are used for sections of more than 17 storeys.

  • Year: 2021–2022
  • Location: Primorye Territory, Nadezhdinskaya territory of advanced development (TAD)
  • Client: DSK Primorye
The catalog’s planning solutions take into account the unique features of the Far East Region, where centralized gas supply is poorly developed, and the possibilities of local generation are very limited, as well as the need for construction in areas with poor access to central heating and hot water supply. Therefore, the possibility of using individual boilers for heating hot water and electric heating was provided.
Construction products manufactured on the basis of this catalog’s solutions are planned to be delivered to the developers of the Vladivostok agglomeration in the near future.
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