Catalogue of reusable sections for prefabricated large-panel building construction facilities for DSK-1 (EURO Module)

The strategy for standardization of residential sections for DSK-1 was developed on the basis of a modular system.

More than 100 layout options for standard sections were completed as part of the project, engineering solutions were developed for all the options, taking into account the maximum standardizing and reducing the loss of usable floor areas.

Each section is divided into two types of basic modules coordinated with the approved apartment layouts. These modules are formed from individual or grouped apartments included in the catalog of apartment types.

The EURO MODULE series has been actively used by DSK-1 in various projects of large-panel building construction in the Moscow Region since 2021.

  • Year: 2019–2021
  • Location: Moscow Region
  • Client: DSK-1
  • Stage: detail design
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