Complex Development: Green Boulevard Residential Complex

Green Boulevard is a new quality of urban life in the Russian Far East.

The project for the complex territory development in the Vladivostok urban district received its name from Green Boulevard, its main planning element. The development is formed by three quarters of varied-height residential buildings, a secondary school as per the standard project for 1100 children and four kindergartens.

The main connecting axis of the system of public spaces is a boulevard. There is a linear park and a sports infrastructure area between the first and second quarters, at the most vibrant point. The basis of the architectural solutions is the standardization principle. All residential buildings consist of several standard sections, and a versatility of architectural appearance becomes possible through the use of various section layouts, number of storeys and facade schemes.

  • Year: 2021 – present day
  • Location: Vladivostok
  • Client: RKSK LLC
  • Plot area: 25 ha
  • Area of apartments: 355,000 sq.m.
Premises 3, 10, bld. 9,
Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St.
Open Urban
tel: 8 800 101 97 09