Complex residential and multifunctional development: DNS City

A mini city designed for 25,000 persons is located 30 kilometers northwest of Vladivostok, close to Nadezhdinskaya territory of advanced development (TAD).

The residential area’s master plan is based on the interconnected city strategy where an ecological framework is formed by a planning network integrated into the natural landscape. Using the relief and stream courses, the territory is organically formed by three development clusters. A water framework is the basis of public spaces and linear parks. It was possible to locate multi-storey development due to the topographic low in the western part, while the number of storeys of the buildings decreases in the topographic high in the eastern part. The application of the zoning principle allowed to create three different lifestyles for product diversification.

The master plan proposes quarter development with residential buildings built using the industrial building construction technology, location of office real estate, necessary social infrastructure, a business park with DNS headquarters, a large retail park. The project places high emphasis on the quality of the created urban environment, compactness and functionality. The main points of activity are connected by boulevards, along which commercial facilities are concentrated.

  • Year: 2020 – present day
  • Location: Novy settlement in the Nadezhdinsky district of the Primorye Territory, territory of advanced development (TAD)
  • Client: DNS Dom LLC
  • Plot area: 113.3 ha
  • Total area of design facilities: 1,200,000 sq.m.
  • Area of apartments: 600,750 sq.m.
Premises 3, 10, bld. 9,
Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St.
Open Urban
tel: 8 800 101 97 09