Residential complex on Neibut St.

The development of the architectural and urban planning concept of a residential complex with integrated commercial premises and underground car parking on Neibut Street in the city of Vladivostok has been completed.

A concept of a residential building with a stylobate part housing a car park and commercial premises has been implemented within the first part of design works. In addition, on the Client ’s request concept of landscape design of the central square of the quarter been presented.

The architectural solution of the building logically follows from the layout of Green Boulevard-2 residential complex and the existing relief with large level differences. Moreover, it allows to effectively solve this very complicated site as part of the housing development and the boulevard.

The volume of the building being designed consists of two parts: a tectonic, massive stylobate parking and a high-rise apartment house standing on it. An accessible roof area with roof planting, which allows to create a private garden for residents with a children’s playground within the garden, which are protected by translucent fencing, is arranged on the roof of the stylobate parking.

From the highest elevation of the land plot, it is proposed to arrange a distinguished entrance area from the main public transport stop at the very beginning of the residential district in the form of a front cascading staircase leading directly to the roof of the stylobate and the projected floor space.

Key info:
Area of the design territory: 0.44 ha
Building gross area: 21,847 sq.m.
Number of storeys: 24 (+1 underground)

OPEN URBAN continues working on the project, the development of the Design Documentation has been started.
Premises 3, 10, bld. 9,
Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St.
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